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2020年考研英语作文题目预测主题词预测 2020考研英语预测题目真题答案写作范文模版(3)

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漫画作文:让座Directions:Write an essay of 160200 words based on the following picture. In your essay, you should1) describe the picture briefly,2) e

Write an essay of 160—200 words based on the following picture. In your essay, you should

1) describe the picture briefly,

2) explain its intended meaning, and

3) give your comments.

Write your answer neatly on the ANSWER SHEET. (20 points)


As the above picture vividly depicts, an older woman forces a sick youngster to give up his seat for her in the name of morality, regardless of his poor physical condition.

Nowadays, with the development of public transportation, bus or subway has become the best choice when people travel. However, the conflicts caused by whether giving up seats emerge consequently. There are two different kinds of voices about this problem. On one hand,some people think that giving upseats for the elderly, the sick and the disabled has been a social virtue,as for those who refuse to give up their seats are immoral and should becondemned by society. On the other hand, some believe that giving up seatsis a voluntary act, and people who do not give up their seats are notnecessarily morally inferior, maybe they are ill or have other hiddenfeelings.

As far as I’m concerned, respecting the old and cherishing the young is a social trend. The initiative to give up seats is supposed to get applause, but in a civilized society, we should also respect the right of others not to give up their seats. In any case, giving up seats shouldn’t be a moral abduction.


First and foremost, people will be deprived of (被剥夺)much since they become over-cautions and feel insecure all the time. Besides, a lack of trust is detrimental to personal relationships since “ trust is the glue of life. It’s the most essential ingredient in effective communication. It’s the foundation principle that holds all relationships.” Last but not least, people’s loss of trust in the government could intensify social contradictions (加剧社会矛盾).


Therefore, it is high time that (正是......的时候)we called on all sides to deal with the trust crisis. For one thing, the government should make great efforts to promote a credibility system. For another, the mass media should also play a positive role in restoring mutual trust among people.